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Green Living ~ Natural Skin Care by Stephanie Tabor

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            People are always looking for solutions in order to enhance the sustainability of the planet and keep a healthier lifestyle.  What most people don’t know is that most solutions come from within.  Surprisingly many products that we use each and every day contain harmful chemicals that are damaging to our bodies. Skin products such as lotions and washes contain products that could be potentially harmful to the skin. Therefore, turning to natural skin care products would be beneficial for your health, your skin, and the environment as a whole.

            Some great home remedies for natural skin care can be created right from the products in your own fridge. Below are lists of natural methods for attaining healthy skin while respecting the plant.

-Avocado Oils: Avocados contain fatty acids, which help to balance the skin moisture levels and provide vitamins A, C, and E to protect the skin from damage. To create an avocado skin product combine avocado oil and primrose oil in a bottle and shake. Pour about 5 drops onto your skin and cover with a warmwashcloth for approximately five min.

-Milk: Milk contains lactic acid that serves as a gentle exfoliate while the fact from the milk acts as a moisturizer. Add a gallon of milk into your bath water and soak.

-Oatmeal: Oatmeal helps to decrease inflammation of the skin. Mix oatmeal with warm water creating a cloudy mixture and than massage your face with the mixture.

-Carrots: Carrots contain large amounts of Vitamin A, folacin, and potassium. Cook 2-3 carrots and then mash. Mix the mashed carrots with 4 teaspoons of honey and apply to the skin. Let sit on skin for 10 min and then wash with cool water.


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